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Helping Mommy

By Lisa


We were busy kitties today. Mommy was busy cleaning and we helped. Everywhere she went, at least one of us was there to keep an eye on her.

Mikey helped change the bed sheets and make the beds. He told me he didn’t think she appreciated his help. I guess it can be a bit bothersome when a cat as big as Mikey ‘helps’ make the bed. I used to help make beds all the time, but I’m a little cat.

We helped do laundry too. It was great fun for the younger cats. They like to hop in and out of the baskets. I watched from my perch on the dresser. Mama Cat and Maggie Mae would go up and down the stairs to the laundry room with Mommy. Mama likes to sit on the washing machine while Mommy loads and unloads it. She gets in the way sometimes, but that’s OK. Maggie just likes to supervise.

Thomas T and Jay Jay went outside and helped sweep the front porch and deck. It is the time of year for leaves to collect on them and Mommy tries to keep them swept clean. We kitties like to watch the leaves fall past the windows and doors.

After Mommy was through cleaning, sweeping and putting away laundry she got out the laptop to work on her blogs. I reminded her that we needed to work on our blog, too.

The Shady Hollow Cats wish you a good week. Purrs and meows your way.

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Exercise Wheel and Bengal Cats

By Amy

I WANT one of these exercise wheels! But Mommy said no. These cats are as active as me! We could have such fun.

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We Didn’t Do It

IMG00147 By Maggie Mae

The land-line phone had not rung in days and days. Our mommy and daddy hadn’t thought much about it. They use the cell phones most of the time anyway. For some reason, Mommy had to make a call and the land-line was dead. Hmmm, everything looked OK, it was charged and the base was plugged in.

Mommy took a deep breath, looked at Amy (I wonder why) and pulled the couch out from against the wall. Sure enough, the phone line was disconnected from the wall jack. Hmmmm. I wonder how that happened? Mommy didn’t wonder. “Kitties”, she said. She had that tone of voice we hear so much of the time. (It is usually directed at Amy.) She sort of says the word slowly, while she looks at whoever has been bad (usually Amy).

This time though, she didn’t know who did it. Precious, Amber and myself were all cuddled up in Mommy’s favorite chair. Precious and Amber were asleep. I was watching Mommy, because I always watch what’s going on in the cottage. I looked Mommy right in the eye and mentally told her that it wasn’t us. It must have been Amy, but it could have been Mikey or Tigger. Whoever did it, it wasn’t us.

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