Jay Jay Has Had Enough. . .

Jay Jay
Jay Jay

Ok, so I’m a dog. I know I’m a dog and I know this blog belongs to the cats. Cats! Umph! They are everywhere around here. I remember the good old days when there were only 4 cats. Sophie was here then, so at least I had another dog to talk to about doggie stuff. Those were the days!

When I arrived as a mere puppy, Sophie took me under her care and taught me dog stuff. Squeakie the cat taught me cat stuff, like jumping off the back of the recliner (hurt my back doing that and still have trouble with it to this day). Sophie took life and pleasing Mommy and Daddy very seriously. Squeakie was fun, a rebel, and did not believe in pleasing anyone but himself. I learned a lot from Squeakie. The other cats were scared of me. They couldn’t figure out if I was a cat or dog. Well, nobody ever said cats were real smart you know. And yes, I do feel a bit superior to the cats. Its a dog thing.

Like I was saying, nowadays, there are cats everywhere. They get on my bed, they eat my food, they drink from my dish. They even get in my daddy’s lap, and they know he is MY daddy and I don’t like to share. They even ignore me when I grrr at them to let them know I don’t like their attitude.

I’m the “only dog” now and am so outnumbered. But well, they are MY cats. Sophie told me to watch out for them, and I try. When Tigger got sick in July, I knew it before anyone else. I followed him around and did all I could to tell Mommy that something was wrong. She figured it out sooner than she would have, thanks to my efforts. She even told Dr. Kevin that I knew before she did and tried to tell her.

Tigger had surgery and is doing much better. He is still a nervous wreck from all the trips to Dr. Kevin’s office, medicine, and stress from being left at the hospital so many times. He is recovering though. I know how he feels. I had kidney stone surgery earlier this year, and had to be left up there. I was very upset and angry. I turn into my evil twin whenever I go to the vet. They don’t like it when Mommy calls to say she is bringing me in.

Other than Tigger being sick all the time it has been “normal” at Shady Hollow. Mama says the garden is about done. That means she and I will start fall yard work soon. I like to play in the leaves when she rakes them up. I will help her when she plows under the garden spot too. I love to dig in the fresh dirt.

Lisa is happier now that Mommy took her video off YouTube. Lisa hates that video! Mommy took it down, but she left up the others. Right now, Amy is after a bug than came inside, but all the other cats are napping. Hmmm, that sounds like a good idea. I think (yawn) I will take a nap too.




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