New Page Added

IMG_0016I wanted to let you know that Mommy added a new page to our blog. It is an “In Memory Of” page. Mommy said it was to let all of you get to see pictures and read a little about past Shady Hollow Cats (and Sophie Dog).

One of them is my sister, Lucy. I miss Lucy a lot. We were always together. We looked very much alike and people had trouble telling us apart until they got to know us.

Mommy has been on the computer a lot lately. We are having trouble getting her to let us write. Yesterday Tigger took over the laptop, but fell asleep before he could do anything but check email. Mommy keeps putting stuff in his ear every day and he sleeps more and seems calmer. We think it is working because he has not had to go back to see the doctor for two weeks now.

The other day Mommy was playing with her cell phone and uploaded an awful video of me to YouTube. I am mad because it does not show how pretty or smart I am. If some other cat saw it, they would think I was an old hag. I am trying to get Mommy to make a better video and put it up. Wish me luck!

It’s my nap-time, so I’ll talk to you again later. Bye-bye and purrs, Lisa.


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