Tigger’s Issues

My Mommy found out what is wrong with me. It is a condition known as idiopathic sterile cystitis. The veterinary community is not sure what causes it, and there is no definite treatment. He told my Mommy to make sure I can always get to a litter box whenever I need to go; make sure I have my favorite litter in the boxes, and lower my stress levels. I also have to drink more fluids, and my doctor would like me to eat wet cat food (I don’t like it). He gave Mommy a sample of anti-depressant for cats that she puts in my ear once a day to be absorbed. If it helps, she will go get more.

Daddy says it only shows how dysfunctional we have become when the cat has to start taking antidepressants.

When the doctor asked Mommy was there any stress in my life she looked at him in amazement. Stress? He only lives with 8 other cats, a dog, a man in a wheelchair, and her. No stress there! The whole family has been under stress since Daddy got sick and lost his leg. We have had to adapt to many changes at the cottage. Mommy thinks that since I have always been shy and nervous, it just finally caught up with me. She says she and I are in the same boat (I’m not sure what a boat is, but Mommy said it).

I like the litter box change, I like the extra petting and attention, I like being able to get away from my siblings each day for my alone time. I am not real happy about the cream in the ear deal though. But, it is much better than a pill down my throat.

The other kitties are all doing okay. Mama cat still won’t write. She is so grouchy that nobody can deal with her. (I wonder if she is part of my stress?) Lisa is being a good kitty, Mommy put a video of her on YouTube. It is bad quality and does not do Lisa justice. Lisa is mad and wants Mommy to take it down and put up a better one.

Mikey has been chasing Maggie Mae all morning. They just got into a fight in the hallway. Maggie caught a cricket the other day, but she wants to tell you about that herself. She is very proud.

Amy is still in trouble (she is always in trouble) and Amber is being the quiet kitty she always is. She butters up to Mommy and Daddy that way. Thomas is asleep in Daddy’s wheelchair, so he is being “good” for Thomas.

All this typing is making me feel stressed, so I’m going to get underneath the comforter on Mommy’s bed and have some alone time. Purrs to all from me, Tigger.


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  1. well, Tigger hunny, I tried to tell your mommy that you could come visit Ms.KoKo for a while.. it might not be a stress free trip, but its very stress free at our house.. Ms.KoKo will write soon and tell you about it, but its just her most of the time. I work alot, and I am the only human there…so if you ever get really stressed out and want a vacation.. you can come visit us!! =) …

    Now, Since I am typing to the cats, It must mean I am ready to let Ms.KoKo get on the dang laptop..lol…

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