Lisa Gives an Update

DSC00858Mama Cat was going to write next, but she is shy, and anyway, Maggie Mae is chasing her through the cottage right now for some reason.

Tigger is sick again and our Mommy took him to the vet and left him, again. She brought him home yesterday, but he is still not better. I heard her tell Daddy that he does not have a blockage and that the doctor took urine to send for a culture to see just what kind of infection it is. The doctor told Mommy that he would make Tigger better. She brought home more medicine for Tigger and Mikey and Thomas have a bet about how hard it will be to catch him and make him take it. Mommy told me that she only has to chase him once a day with this medicine.

Mommy also told me I was going to see the doctor next week for something called a “check-up”. It is because I have lost some weight and that worries Mommy since I am so old. I don’t know about this and intend to hide when she says its time to go.

Amy is in trouble, again. She had decided to use Mommy’s special antique table to sharpen her claws. Mommy put some stuff on it to make her leave it alone. That worked for the table, but now Amy is using the hardwood floor in the entryway and Mommy and Daddy are starting to get really mad at her. It isn’t like we don’t have the scratching post Daddy made us a long time ago. It is perfectly good after all these years. Amy is just being a trouble maker.


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