IMG_0453The night Mommy first saw me, I was trying to jump into a dumpster behind her workplace to find some food. The feral cat who stayed around there had already made the leap, but I couldn’t. I was too young, and it was too far.  Mommy went inside and searched the break room trashcan and found some left-over that she brought out for me. I was afraid and ran away, but came back and ate the food later.

From that day on, Mommy brought me cat food every day. Even on the days she didn’t have to work, she and Daddy would come bring me some food. She was very worried because I couldn’t use my left front foot. She didn’t know it was an old injury and was afraid I had been hurt recently and would get infected.

The feral cat (Mommy calls him “Daddy Cat”) and I ‘fell in love’. He was very nice to me and snuggled with me on cold winter nights. He helped me stay alive, and he gave me the “kittens” you have already heard from. Mommy says Daddy Cat is gone now. We think he finally lost the battle of being a cat with no home. He was just too wild for Mommy or anyone else to help.

It was snowing the evening I decided to let Mommy bring me home. Boy am I glad! I have plenty to eat and can sleep in any bed I choose. Mommy and Daddy pet me and play with me and tell me everyday how special I am.

I am a little lady, and have very good manners. I don’t get up on things or knock things to the floor the way my children do. They have always lived here, you see, and take things for granted. I don’t know what I did wrong to make my first people take me to the dumpsters and leave me. I always worry that I may do something wrong again, but as the years pass I am not so anxious. Mommy says she would die before any of us were thrown away, and I believe her.

The vet told Mommy I was about a year old when I had my kittens. He examined my foot and told us it had been crushed when I was very young. It can’t be fixed now, its too late. But since I am an inside cat, it doesn’t matter. I can get around just fine. When I run, I just hold it up and run on three legs. I’m pretty fast, too.

I’ll talk to you again. Mama wants to go next and then you will have heard from all the Shady Hollow Cats at least once. We haven’t decided who will make the most posts after that. Oh, and Jay Dog says he wants a turn too, and Mommy says OK. She told him he could be a ‘guest contributer’, and of course he is very proud. Dogs!

A note from their Mommy:When my familiar crossed the veil in 2005, I was distraught. She had been my constant companion, confidant, and friend for 16 1/2 years. Everyone tried to give me a cat or kitten in an attempt to ease my sorrow.

I declined their offers and told them all that when the right one came along, I would know, for Pretty Girl would send me the one. The night I first saw Precious, her breath making a little cloud as she meowed at the dumpster and could not make the leap, and when I saw her hobbling along on her crippled foot, I knew she was the one. You see, Pretty Girl had lost a leg, and had been disabled from kitten-hood. It would only stand to reason that she would send me another similar to herself, that needed that bit of extra care.

Thank you, Pretty Girl, for you have indeed sent me the right one.


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