Thomas T. Tomcat

DSC01729I’m Thomas T. Tomcat. Mommy and Daddy say the “T” stands for “trouble”. When my previous people either set me out or moved off and left me I was about 1 or 2 years old. That’s when I came here.

I had been wandering the neighborhood, looking for a home and was trying to decide whether to stay here or with Miss Judy across the street. Mommy and Miss Judy were known in the cat community for taking in strays. At the time Miss Judy had 10 cats, and her husband had told her “no more”. My Daddy and Miss Judy were talking, and I came up loving on them. They discussed how nobody knew who I belonged to. I meowed to them that I was on my own and needed a place to live. Just then, Miss Judy’s husband came home from work. She told my Daddy, “Jim, when David asks whose cat this is, tell him its yours, or else he will fuss.” Daddy did as she asked and when they parted company, I came across the street to Shady Hollow and have been here ever since. Lets see, that was almost 9 years ago. So I guess I’m about 10 years old or thereabouts.

I was always getting into mischief when I came to Shady Hollow, and I still get on Daddy’s nerves sometimes. I like to sit and stare at Daddy, because it drives him crazy. Mommy tells him I do it because I love him. I do love Daddy very much, but I do it to mess with him.

I like to pick on Daddy’s dog, Jay Jay too. He doesn’t like me to sleep in his bed and will growl at me whenever I do. I ignore him, and he gets so mad. That gets on Daddy’s nerves, too.

Another thing I like to do is sleep in Daddy’s wheelchair whenever he isn’t using it. Daddy will transfer over to his recliner and roll the wheelchair to one side.  I will leap in it and it will roll back almost out of Daddy’s reach. Not a problem when Mommy is home, but when she is at work it makes life a bit difficult for Daddy and he fusses at me.  He also fusses because once I’m comfortable in the wheelchair, I don’t want to give it back to him when he needs it. I look at him as if to say, “What? I’m here and don’t want to get down.” He patiently scoops me up and out of his way. But I know he gets aggravated.

Since I had spent so much of my time outside, Mommy has always continued to let me go out. I’m the only Shady Hollow cat to have this privilege. Over the last year I have stopped going very far from the door unless Mommy is with me. I help her in the flower and vegetable beds as often as I can. Sometime I catch mice and gophers for her. She always tells me what a good hunter I am. But, she says, birds and chipmunks are off-limits. That’s OK with me, they are harder to catch anyway.

When I first came here there were a few mice in the basement. The cats that were here were too old or scared to catch them. I would and received lots of praise. Then I caught some mice and brought to Jay Jay and showed him how to catch and kill them. Jay Jay is a little dog, but with my instruction he has become a fearsome mouser. We cats don’t worry about the mice anymore. If one is dumb enough to came in here, Jay Jay gets it. It makes life easier on all the Shady Hollow cats.

The love of my life is Precious. I will sit and wash her for long periods of time. She loves me too, and Mommy says we are a cute couple.

Life has been good to me here. I was really worried before Miss Judy told Daddy I was “his” cat. I am still Daddy’s cat, because I didn’t know what would happen to me, and he took me in. I guess I shouldn’t pick on Daddy so much, but I’m an old cat and there isn’t much else to do for fun.

Thank you for reading my story. I’ll write more soon, I think Mommy said the other kitties who had not had a chance to write have to go first though. Lets see, who is left? Mama and Precious, that’s all! Maybe I can write again soon. I’ll warn you though, Mama, well she has issues and is not always polite. Purrs till next time – Thomas T.


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