Tigger. . .


I’m Tigger. I’m Precious’ favorite son. I tell Mikey all the time that Mama loves me best. He just gives me that cat-eyed look and goes off to find something to do (nap usually).

At the moment I’m mad at Mommy. You see; I was sick with a bladder infection a few weeks ago and she took me to the vet. He poked and prodded me all over, but I was a good boy and just mewed a little. Then he gave me some shots and medicine that Mommy brought home and gave me. She had to keep it cold.  I DO NOT like cold stuff!

Everything was OK till yesterday when I started feeling bad again. I tried not to let Mommy know, but Jay Jay dog can smell the infection, and he started following me around and being worried.Mommy had been keeping a close eye on me anyway, I think she and Jay Jay figured it out at about the same time. 

I overheard Mommy telling Daddy this morning that she was going to call the vet. Then she left and when she came back, she had more of that awful, cold medicine! Daddy held me in his lap while she made me drink it from a syringe that had the correct dose marked on it. Yucky stuff!!! I ran off and hid when she and Daddy let me go.

I love Daddy, but I wish he wouldn’t help Mommy give me that medicine. He has strong arms and can hold onto me real good. He told Mommy I was a heavy cat. She said, “Well, he weighed 15 pounds at the vet’s office.”

That makes me think of another thing I’m mad at Mommy about.

When I was at the vet’s he told Mommy he was worried about my weight because I had a class 3 heart mummer. I don’t know what that is, but it made Mommy worry and she and Daddy started putting the food dishes away at night, ours and Jay Jay’s. She said that was because I eat Jay Jay’s food, too. I think, ‘but it is only a snack, gee whiz, not my regular 20 meals a day that I eat from the cat-food dish.’ I don’t see the problem. I eat nutritious food most of the time.

Right now I’m trying to stay under the covers in Daddy’s room. Mommy can’t see me there, I only look like a big lump under the covers. If she does see me, she might think I’m Mikey, because he likes to sleep under the covers, too.

I’m glad Mommy let me write today, I feel better now that I gotten to tell someone how she has been picking on me lately with these vet visits, medicine, and diet. I’m just a pitiful little bitty kitty after all.


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