Hi everyone! I’m Amy, sister to Maggie Mae and Amber. I have been walking on the keyboard all morning, trying to give Mommy a hint that I wanted to go next on our blog. Did you know that search engines get all confused when you type in a string of “A’s”?

I am busy all the time. Mommy says that if she got a dollar every time she said “Amy get down!” or “Amy,stop that!” she could retire. Daddy says he only time I’m not looking for trouble is when I’m asleep. Boy, I’m glad Daddy doesn’t know what I dream about…trouble!

I love the canned food that Lisa gets, and am always waiting to be first cat through the door to get her leftovers. When Mommy comes to open the door I dance on my hind feet and try to help her. She made a video of me wanting the door opened and posted it on Youtube.  Does that mean I’m a celebrity?

Before I tackled the keyboard I spent some time chasing a bug that slipped in under the front door. He kept getting away, but I finally caught him. I only knocked over two lamps and scattered the books on the coffee table during the chase. Mommy wasn’t too mad, she just straightened it all back up and said, “Amy, Amy, Amy.”

I think life is exciting and fun. When bugs get inside they are fun to chase and catch, books and magazines make the neatest noise when they fall to the floor (especially if they scare Jay Jay dog when they land), and cabinets are great places to hide in and jump out at my siblings and Mommy. I’ve even considered leaping from the top of the kitchen cabinets and trying to catch the ceiling fan, but Mommy yelled at me to stop.

I’m glad I got to talk to you this morning, but I think my brother is taking a nap and I have to go pounce on him and see if he wants to play chase. Bye-bye and purrs to you all.



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2 responses to “Amy

  1. Amy,
    I am certainly glad it was your turn, today. You definitely needed to be heard and cheer the rest of us up. You are quite the adventurer.
    Andrea and “the perdue zoo”

  2. Love your new blog! I don’t know how I missed the announcement, but glad I found it. Let me know if you need some help with it–I noticed you said on Facebook you were having a problem with some of the gadgets:-)


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