Maggie Mae

Pictures 026Maggie Mae is my name and the basement is my domain.

I love the basement at Shady Hollow, it has windows I can sit in and watch the chipmunks. I sure would love to catch a chipmunk. They hop and scurry around mommy’s garden and I can see them from my windows. They don’t see me watching them. I get  excited and my tail swishes back and forth so fast that the white tip on the end is a blur.

I can watch Mommy work in her garden from my windows. Sometimes she will come over to the window and talk to me. I like to watch Mommy. . .but I like watching chipmunks better.

Like Amber (why did Mommy let her go first?), I am one of Precious’ kittens. We were born March 2, 2007.

I love to play and chase things. Daddy will ball up a paper napkin and throw it across the room for me. He says my eyes get so big while I wait for him to toss the paper ball. I am after it as soon as it leaves his hand and when I catch it, I bring it back for him to toss it again.

At night, when I’m not patrolling the house and basement, I sleep on Mommy’s bed. I always sleep in a spot where I can see down the hall, just in case something happens I need to investigate. Nothing, but nothing, gets by me.

It is real hard for me to sit still, there is so much to be doing and seeing from the windows. Mommy and Daddy say if I was an “outside cat” I would be a great hunter. I hunt all the time inside, and will bring Mommy and Daddy toys and small items after I “kill” them as presents.

I would talk to you longer, but I haven’t checked my basement windows this morning and there is no telling what those chipmunks are up to. Bye bye till later.


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