Hello, my name is Amber and Mommie used my picture as the header for our blog. I was born here at Shady Hollow a bit over two years ago. Everyone says I have pastel eyes, whatever that means. They tell me that and what a sweet kitty I am when I accompany them to the bathroom. I go to the bathroom with everybody who visits here. Mommie says I am some cat named Sammy reincarnated, because Sammy went to the bathroom with everybody too. She calls me the bathroom cat and laughs.

I have two sisters, Maggie Mae and Amy. We are all considered blue-cream calicos, but while Amy looks a lot like me, Maggie Mae is, well, different. I have two brothers, Mikey and Tigger. They are a lot bigger than my sisters and me, but they are good boys.

Our mother lives here too, her name is Precious and she is a long-haired blue-cream. My Mommie found her where some not-so-nice human had set her out behind where Mommie works. My mother has a crippled front foot. She says it was broken when she was a kitten and did not heal correctly. She was afraid of our Mommie at first, but Mommie kept taking her food and talking to her until mother decided to come home with her.

There are some more cats who were here when our mother arrived. Lisa is the oldest, Mommie says she is 13 years old. We learned as kittens to not make Lisa mad at us. She would slap us if we got too close. Now even though we are a lot bigger then her, we still give Lisa plenty of room.

Thomas T is the only cat brave enough to go outside. Mommie lets him go out, but makes the rest of us stay inside. We don’t mind, because it looks scary out there. Thomas doesn’t go far from the door. Mommie says he is 10 years old and doesn’t wander anymore. Thomas came here after some not-so-nice humans dropped him out in the neighborhood and left him.

The other cat who lives here with us is called “Mama” even though she has never had kittens. A lady had asked our Mommie to cat sit over the Thanksgiving holidays and then never came back for Mama. Mama is not friendly to the rest of us cats. We all think Mama has serious issues. Mama is 12 years old and has lived here for 3 years now, but doesn’t like anyone but our Mommie.

We have a lot of fun here, and Mommie and Daddy love us very much. I hope you will visit us again and see what’s happening at the cathouse.




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2 responses to “Welcome!

  1. Mary

    Love it!!!
    I used to have 17 cats until my daughter-in-law reported me and I was fined $100.00 per cat and told I could only have three legally, the Humane Society took all but three and I was not a happy camper!!! These were all Persian and Angora Show cats and very much loved…

    • walksalone

      Thank you Mary, Our county says I can have 10 pets and when you count the cats and Jay dog, I am at my limit. Sorry to hear about your kitties being taken. That would break my heart. Down in South Carolina I had as many as 30 at times, but they were barn cats, very spoiled and much loved barn cats though. Hugs, Joyce Oh, I use this email and the aol one, but they are so similar that you’ll know its me.

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