All Righty Then

So. How to you catch up a blog when you haven’t written in a long time?

Since my last post was about Jack and Jill, I’ll start there.

Before that year was out Jack had disappeared and Jill had produced back-to-back litters of kittens. The first a litter of two, then a litter of three only 7 months apart.

Jill was very crafty at avoiding being trapped. I finally got her though and she was been spayed. Her children: Romeo and Juliet (litter #1) and Abby, Sweet Annie, and Dolly (litter #2) have also been spayed and neutered.All live inside and all are fat and sassy.

They are a mixed lot when it comes to being petted. Jill, Romeo and Dolly are still shy and not willing to be handled very much. Juliet, Abby, and Sweet Annie are willing to be petted. Juliet is a love-bug and would never be thought to have been feral.

Other news is that our Jay-Jay and Tigger  have both crossed the Bridge. Jay-Jay had suffered for years with Cushings Disease. He passed from kidney failure in October, 2015. His best buddy, Tigger, passed in February, 2016 from a heart attack.

The latest addition to the family is Lady Bug. She is a black Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix. (More about her later.)

Many things have happened over the past three years. I couldn’t get to the blog, and as Miss Amber will surely tell you, I never left the cat-puter open when I wasn’t around so that she could write. (Believe me, she has nagged plenty about that oversight.)

So, shall we try this again? I think so and Miss Amber agrees.

Bright Blessings,

Kitty Mommy


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More Throw-Away Kittens

Every spring some human or another decides this neighborhood looks like a good place to drop out their unwanted kittens. Four years ago it was Sugar and Spice. Last year it was Creamy and his two siblings. Creamy is still alive, I don’t think his litter mates were so lucky. They were older kittens and too wild and scared to be tamed. Creamy is full grown now and comes by to eat a couple of times a day. A feral that didn’t have to be.

Now there are more. This years throw-away kittens. They are 2 silver tabbies. Cute little things. They were tossed about a month ago, and found their way here. They were terrified and distrustful, but very hungry.


They still run when they see me, but will stop when I call them and come for their food. I’ve not been able to touch them yet. One is male and we assume the smaller a female. Thus they have been named Jack and Jill.

Jack is much less fearful than Jill. Isn’t he a handsome lad?


I want to get these two tame enough to at least get them spayed and neutered. Wish me luck on that. I need it. Meanwhile, Jack is getting tamer. Here he is happily rolling on Kitty Daddy’s wheelchair ramp while sister Jill decides whether its safe enough to get a bite of food with me standing at the door. We’ll keep you posted.


~ Kitty Mama 

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Happy Mother’s Day

We kitties would like to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all moms, furry and human.

Thank you for all that you do for your two and four legged babies. Mom’s are very special creatures.

Precious is the only mom-cat here. She is mom-cat to Mikey, Tigger, Maggie Mae and Amber. She steps in as foster mom-cat whenever our human mommy adopts another throw-away kitten.


Happy Mom-Cat Day, Precious!

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